Creative minds. Impeccable know-how. Nice chaps.

Artstone is a father and son team with Alan an experienced fine artist and James a trained architect. Together they launched Artstone in 2004 when decorative concrete was little known in the UK. They started to use this material as an alternative to traditional flooring. 

Building on years of experience gained in the architecture and design industry, they embarked on a journey that would see them perfect the material and application process until they had a flawless result. They trained in Madrid and London, and went through endless research and testing. Their studio-come-home is testament to the level of experimentation they've gone through to find the perfect finish. 

They're now satisfied they've combined the best from all the materials and techniques available to create truly tansformative surfaces in the most efficient and cost-effective way. They are now one of the leading specialist applicators of decorative concrete in the UK and they look forward to working with you. 


Alan Liversedge


James Liversedge