And what do you do?

It's the perennial dinner party question: "And what do you do"? Unless your profession is recognisable in a one-word nursery rhyme sort of way - 'butcher', 'baker', 'candlestick maker' (do they exist, if so, can we meet one?!) some jobs are simply too complicated to whittle down to an acceptable dinner party answer length.

There are some professions that have a bad rep: How do you explain that you're 'in finance' without sounding vague and pompous? How do you admit to being a journalist when people immediately think of door-stepping hacks? There's only a certain timeframe you can answer these questions in before eyes glaze over and the metaphorical tumbleweed intervenes. How not to compromise your otherwise dazzling small talk with a boring elongated answer or a non-descript generalisation that sounds evasive? Worse than that, a clanger that strikes your new acquaintance dumb?

Sometimes the words ‘artist’, ‘decorator’ or ‘plasterer’ do fine - but they don’t really explain what we do.

Here at Artstone Concrete we're no different. There are times when 'artist', 'decorator' or 'plasterer' do fine - but often they don't really explain what we do. What sort of art? What sort of plastering? How can it be a mixture of the two? That's why we're pleased to launch our new-fangled website which we hope, using images of our most recent projects, explains more about Artstone Concrete.

On here you'll find details of projects from 2015, which has been our most varied year yet: we've travelled throughout the UK, working on some great and diverse jobs - some big, some small - staying in some beautiful locations and meeting truly lovely people. Which is what makes what we do even more enjoyable.

We've also developed our materials along the way: things are changing all the time with concrete and we're always on the look out for improved ingredients or methods of application. This year we've refined our own mixture to what has proven to be the most versatile, economic and durable medium we've worked with so far in our 12 years of cementing.

So please take a look at the images on this site and get in touch with any questions you might have, or simply to chew the fat about the industry in general. This is an exciting time for interiors and Artstone specifically, with a number of jobs lined up for Q1 from Dumfries to west London and we can't wait to get started. Hope to see you somewhere along the way!